FAQ - International Students (English)

  • Before deciding to study at UP
    • Curitiba, Brazil

      Curitiba is the capital of the state of Paraná. It is a city of around 3 million people, 400 km (250 miles) south of São Paulo – is a very modern city, strongly influenced by immigration in the 19th and early 20th century. Italian, German, Polish, Japanese and many other influences reflect in the culture and in the openness of Curitibanos who are very friendly and helpful with foreigners.

      Curitiba is the perfect place to start discovering Brazil, but still feel safe and easily at home: as a medium-sized city it is easier to manage than the 20 million of São Paulo or the 13 million of Rio de Janeiro. There are flight connections to all major Brazilian regions though also many things to discover close to home: parks, restaurants, cultural activities and, of course, fantastic natural landscapes: Mata Atlântica, the amazing Iguaçu Waterfalls or a short 2 hour drive away – Ilha do Mel – the Honey Island, just of the coast of Paraná. More information here. Current news, events & happenings.

    • Universidade Positivo

      The Universidade Positivo is a private institution, and part of the larger Positivo Business Group which operates throughout the country and is a market leader in educational material and technology. The first university programs were offered in 1988 and after two decades of constant growth, the institution received the formal university status by the ministry of education in 2008. In 2012, the Universidade Positivo ranked already as the tenth best university in Brazil among private institutions. Today, the university offers undergraduate, master and PhD programs as well as MBAs and other life-long learning programs in four large knowledge areas: business administration and communication, health and biology, human and social sciences, and engineering and technology.  

      To provide its 25.000 students and 800 faculty with a state-of-the-art environment for their studies and work, the university unveiled a modern and beautiful campus in 2008 which ranks today among the top of the country. Not only does the campus host the second largest theater hall of Brazil, but more importantly affords the students the necessary space and equipment to build their knowledge in seven large lecture buildings, numerous laboratories, outstanding sport facilities and one of the most complete, and arguably prettiest, libraries of the state of Paraná.

      Follow us here for a virtual campus tour: 
      A brief view on campus
      The sport facilities
      One of the teaching blocks

    • Do you have classes in English?

      Yes, the UP has classes in English at the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate level. Classes offered in English change slightly every year. The list of the upcoming academic year (starting in February) is published in September of the previous year. Please download here the list of disciplines in English offered in the academic year 2017.

    • When can I enroll at UP? Which semester? For how long?

      You should send your application by Wednesday, 16th of November, 2016, to start studying at UP in February 2017. You can choose to study for 1 or 2 semesters at UP.  

    • Workload x ECTS

      30h = 1 ECTS
      40h = 1.5 ECTS
      60h = 2 ECTS
      80h = 3 ECTS
      100h = 3.5 ECTS
      120h = 4 ECTS
      160h = 5.5 ECTS
      170h = 6 ECTS
      200h = 7 ECTS
      240h = 8 ECTS
      320h = 11 ECTS
      360h = 12 ECTS
      480h = 16 ECTS
      490h = 16.5 ECTS
      680h = 23 ECTS
      800h = 27 ECTS 

      Grades at UP - ECTS grades - Definition

      Excellent: Outstanding performance with only a few minor weaknesses.
      UP 9,0 - 10,0 | ECTS - A | USA - A | Germany - 1 | Spain - 10 | United Kingdom 70 - 100 | Australia - HD (High Distinction) | Portugal 18 - 20 | Italy 26 - 30

      Good: Results higher than average despite a number of weaknesses
      UP 8,0 – 9,9 | ECTS - B | USA - B | Germany - 2 | Spain - 9 | United Kingdom 50 - 69 | Australia - D (Distinction) | Portugal 15 - 17 | Italy 21 – 25

      Satisfactory: Generally a good work despite a number of significant weaknesses
      UP 7,1 – 7,9 | ECTS – C | USA - C | Germany - 3 | Spain 7,0 – 8,0 | United Kingdom 45 - 49 | Australia – Cr (Credit) | Portugal 14 | Italy 19 – 21

      Minimum: The performance meets the minimum criteria
      UP 6,0 – 7,0 | ECTS  D - E | USA - D | Germany - 4 | Spain 5,0 – 6,0 | United Kingdom 40 - 44 | Australia – P (Pass) | Portugal 10 - 13 | Italy 18

      Fail: some more work is required
      UP 0 – 5,9 | ECTS  Fx - F | USA E – F | Germany - 5 | Spain 0,0 – 4,0 | United Kingdom - Fail | Australia – F (Fail) | Portugal 0 - 17 | Italy 0 – 17

      * This is a simplified table for orientation. For a complete list of grade systems by country, click here.

    • Do I have to pay a fee to study at UP?

      If we have an agreement with your University, you do not have to pay a fee.
      Find the list of Universities which UP has an agreement with here.
      If your university does not have yet an agreement with UP, please get in touch with the International Affairs Office and we will see if it is possible to come to an agreement with your university.

    • Which programs or disciplines are available for exchange students?

      You can enroll in any program, except for Medicine. To find the complete list of undergraduate courses offered in Portuguese, please click here. The participation in any class or discipline is subject to availability and the approval of the head of the program. For the list of disciplines taught in English, please see above or get in touch with the International Affairs Office..

    • Where can I find the timetable?

      The timetable, i.e. when and where the classes will happen, is published every year at the beginning of classes and is often subject to change. It is easiest if a student selects a number of disciplines from the same year to avoid clashes. There is also the possibility to select disciplines in the morning and in the evening.

    • Where can I find the academic calendar for the 2017 academic year?

      In 2017 classes will start on February, 20th. The complete academic calendar will be available soon. Regardless of the calendar, we strongly recommend to buy an open return ticket.

    • What is the frequency level of attendance at UP?

      You must have at least a 75% attendance rate to be approved in a discipline. If you do not achieve at least 75% of attendance, you will fail the subject even if you pass all the exams! 

      Please always make sure to verify during the term if you have to take the final exams. If you had grades under our minimum score required you must take the discipline’s final exam, which is scheduled 1 – 3 weeks after the end of classes in July and in December – PLAN accordingly!
      Note that if you miss one of the intermediate exams, you also have to take the final exam in order to have a grade for the discipline.

      All our programs run as in annual system, in which we have 4 bimesters. Your yearly grade is calculated by adding all your grades from bimesters 1, 2, 3 and 4 and dividing it by 4.

      UP’s minimum score: 6,0
      UP’s minimum attendance rate: 75%
      Vacation: make sure to always verify the academic calendar! At Universidade Positivo we generally have a two week break in July and summer vacation starts around the second week of December.

  • To study at UP
    • Application

      Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, 16th of November 2016, for classes starting in February 2017. These are the steps of the application process:

      - You contact the International Affairs Office at your home university and go through the selection process to participate in the exchange program of the institution;
      - Your university will contact us nominating you as their exchange student;
      - The International Affairs Office of Universidade Positivo will then contact you directly to guide you through our application process;
      - In the application form, you select the disciplines to study at UP; while we analyze your documentation;
      - Once you are accepted at UP, you will receive an Acceptance Letter from us; 
      - With the Acceptance Letter, you apply for your student visa.

      *Note: if you have any questions regarding the steps above, you can always contact us directly: study@up.edu.br.

      *Note: after we receive your application form, we will let you know within 15 business days if you have been accepted as an exchange student at UP. 

      Documents needed for the application:
      - UP’s application form
      - Copy of the valid passport
      - Copy of the academic transcript

      Should you have any doubts about the application process, Universidade Positivo or the programs offered, please send an e-mail to study@up.edu.br.

    • Programs and disciplines

      You choose your program and the disciplines when you fill in the application form. We will confirm with the head of the program if it is possible for you to register in your preferred disciplines. Once you arrive at the UP, we will do your study plan together with the head of the program. 

      When you select your preferred disciplines, please keep in mind that the timetable will be published every year at the beginning of classes and it is subject to change. It is easiest if a student selects a number of disciplines from the same year to avoid clashes. There is also the possibility to select disciplines in the morning and in the evening.

    • Visa and Acceptance Letter

      After we receive your application, it will be evaluated by the head of the program and the International Affairs Office. Once you are approved, we will send an Acceptance Letter to the International Affairs Office of your home university so you can apply for a student visa at the Brazilian Consulate/Embassy in your country. 
      A list of Brazilian consulates can be found here

      Please find the consulate/embassy that has jurisdiction where you live and check the list of documents you need to issue your student visa. It is mandatory for exchange students to have a student visa. Tourist visas will not be accepted.

      For students from Mercosur countries, we also accept the Mercosur student visa to enroll at UP. More information about this kind of visa can be found here.

    • Accommodation

      UP does not provide any kind of accommodation on campus.
      The suggestion is to book a hotel or hostel for the first week and then find the best accommodation option available.

      Hostel suggestions for accommodation:

      To rent an apartment.

      Rua Saldanha Marinho, 1109 – Curitiba, Paraná – CEP: 80.430-160
      Phone: +55 41 3018-5800     +55 41 9954-2299     +55 41 8717-6226  
      E-mail: casabrasileira_hospedagem@hotmail.com
      Phone: +55 41 3323-1110
      E-mail: contato@pensionatocuritiba.com.br

      Phone: +55 41 3501-2757
      E-mail: contato@pensionatonavemae.com.br

      PENSIONATO NAVE MÃE (only for girls)
      Phone: +55 41 3044-2757

      AIR BNB (suggestion for the first few days)

      *These are only suggestions. The UP is not affiliated and does not vouch for any of the suggestions above. 

      Our Ecoville Campus is located in a residential neighborhood, i.e. there are not many shops and markets around. Since international students are mostly part time at UP, we would recommend these neighborhoods for you to live:

      Bigorrilho, Mercês, Água Verde, Portão, Abranches, Ahú, Alto da Glória, Alto da XV, Batel, Bom Retiro, Cabral, Centro, Centro Cívico, Cristo Rei, Hugo Lange, Juvevê, São Francisco, Campina do Siqueira, Mossunguê, Seminário

    • Orientation Week

      The Orientation Week for the 2017 exchange students will take place from 13th to 17th of February 2017. It is mandatory for all exchange students to arrive prior to the orientation week. During the week, we will provide all the essential information for your exchange, write the study plan and help you regarding the documents needed to live in Brazil

    • Contact

      Tel.: (41) 3317-3115