Universidade Positivo

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Universidade Positivo is a private university and part of the larger Positivo Group. The first university courses were offered in 1988 and after two decades of constant growth, the institution received the formal university status by the Ministry of Education in 2008.

Today, the university offers undergraduate, master and PhD programs, as well as MBAs and other life-long learning programs in three large knowledge areas: Biology & Health Sciences, Exact Sciences & Technology, Human & Applied Social Sciences.

It is the mission of Universidade Positivo to produce and disseminate knowledge through teaching, research and life-long learning programs to form citizens and professionals committed to Positivo’s founding values: knowledge, ethics, work and progress. All of its employees and students are committed to contribute to the economic and social development, with a view to become better people and build a better world.

Launched in 2013, Universidade Positivo’s distance learning program offers undergraduate and post-graduate programs and operates throughout national territory. All courses come with a unique methodology, personalized services, a technological structure consistent with the needs of adult learning and selected and innovative content.

Some facts about UP
The UP offers almost 60 undergraduate programs on campus and 6 undergraduate programs exclusively through distance learning. Even more, the UP has 200 post-graduate programs – on-campus and online, 4 Master programs and 3 PhD programs.

Universidade Positivo has almost 21.600 students:

15.300 Undergraduate students
3.500 Post-graduate students
300 Master and PhD students
2.500 Distance learning students
Number of professors: 700
Number of staff: 800

The UP’s modern and light-filled library opened in 2002 and can accommodate up to 865 students. Its collection is one of the among a private universities, with access to over 43.000 titles, 220.000 books in total, 274 printed journals and 9 online data bases of national and international journals. A room is dedicated to Senator Roberto Campos, a famous Brazilian politician, ambassador and economist, whose private collection of over 8.000 books was acquired by the UP after he passed away in 2001.

Services to the community
Universidade Positivo offers services to the community in the following clinics and centers:

Dentistry Clinic
Physiotherapy Clinic
Nutrition Clinic
Psychology Clinic
Legal Practice Center
Junior Companies