Grupo Positivo

Grupo Positivo was founded in 1972, by an idealistic group of visionary teachers. Taking knowledge, ethics, work and progress as core values, a history of entrepreneurship and boldness was established and continues to run strong after over 40 years. Starting as a printing company and with preparatory courses for university entrance exams, the Group grew continuously, founded schools and led successful ventures in publishing, higher education, the computing industry and educational technology. Today, Positivo Group operates throughout Brazil and is a market leader in educational material and technology.

  • Editora Positivo: Positivo Publishing House shares its educational vocation with thousands of students and teachers. Specialized in education, it edits, publishes and sells didactic, paradidactic and literature textbooks, among which is the most famous dictionary of the Portuguese language: the Aurélio Dictionary. Positivo Publishing House is present in more than 4.000 public and private schools in Brazil and Japan, which use the Positivo Teaching Systems.

  • Posigraf: the history of the printing company Posigraf started with Positivo Group in 1972. Today, the company is one of the largest printing houses in Latin America, with one thousand direct employees. Its portfolio of services includes the printing of books, magazines, promotional and didactic materials and assistance throughout Brazil, the United States and Mercosur.

  • Positivo Informatica: Positivo Informatics started its activities in 1989, with the initial goal of producing and selling computers to the schools of the Positivo Group. By developing innovative products and combining high technology with affordable prices, it soon won the trust of domestic and international markets. Thanks to this, Positivo Informatics has been the leader in computer sales in the domestic market for seven consecutive years.