Human and Applied Social Sciences




The mission of the Cluster of Human and Applied Social Sciences is to form well-prepared graduates who are highly capable professionals in their field of expertise and who will be contributing to the developing of the society as well as be good citizens.

The Cluster of Human and Applied Social Sciences offers programs that respond to the needs of students at any stage of life. The programs cover all the way from undergraduate programs to MBAs, Master and PhD programs. Examples of programs offered are Business Administration, Economics, Architecture and Urbanism, Accounting, Design, Journalism, Law, Marketing, Pedagogy and Psychology.

The Cluster frequently organizes extracurricular activities in order to help students develop their professional and personal skills. From one-day workshops to academic weeks, students benefit from many opportunities to stay update-to-date with research trends and market developments.

Post-graduate certificates and life-long learning

At post-graduate level, the aim of the university is to encourage life-long learning by offering degrees and certificates that complement the professional experience of graduates with specialized academic knowledge and know-how. Some programs offered by the Cluster of Human and Applied Social Sciences are, among others: Urban Intervention, Urban Management, International Relations and Diplomacy, Child Development, School Management and Institutional and Clinic Educational Psychology, Industrial Administration, Integrated Logistics Management or Corporate Governance.

Applied innovation & knowledge

Throughout the university, the application of knowledge acquired in the classroom is strongly valued. It’s encouraged by giving credits for extracurricular activities such as supervised internships, ateliers, study trips or volunteer work in the community centers: The Legal Practice Center attends an audience that lacks the resources to hire legal services. It focuses on cases of civil, family, consumer and criminal law. The Center for Psychology offers support to students, staff and the external community on topics such as stress, learning difficulties, group dynamics and a psychological emergency support. In both service centers, professors and professionals guide activities from the area, allowing for an optimal service, as well as a safe and rewarding training environment for students.

Spotlight: International Connections

Each year, students from the UP’s Law program participate in the Willem C. Vis international commercial Arbitration Moot. In 2015, UP organized the national Pre-Moot, bringing together the major Brazilian, Argentinian and Paraguayan law schools to compete for the places and go to the final in Vienna. While being highly competitive, it is a very engaging experience training students in the field of international arbitration and purchase and sale of goods. It also offers students a great opportunity to build a network with their peers from all over the world.

The UP also built a “Sala Mundi” – an international classroom where guest lecturers from all over the world share knowledge and insights. These lectures are integrated into the regular degree programs and enrich the curriculum. Among others, students heard from professionals and academics from places as diverse as New York, Paris, Copenhagen, Estonia, Russia, London, Mexico and Chile.