International Affairs

Universidade Positivo encourages students and professors to participate in international exchange programs and research projects in cooperation with universities around the world as a way to expand their horizon and complement their academic education. The UP strongly values the intercultural experience students and professors acquire by living and working with people from different cultures. Indeed, it is the objective of the university’s international activities to support students and faculty to become global citizens.

Students of both undergraduate and post-graduate programs can spend up to one year abroad. This is particularly important for Master and PhD students who aim for an international academic career. Professors can also benefit from exchange programs and many, especially from the post-graduate programs, have strong international connections. The focus for professors lies on international research projects and conferences, as well as publications.

Besides sending students and professors abroad, the UP hosts every year a growing number of international students and supports the “Internationalization@home”, through online or on-campus lectures by international speakers, international seminars and much more.

UP partner universities around the world

Over the years, the UP has signed agreements with universities from all over the world. These agreements not only include exchange programs, but also joint research, double degree programs and technology transfer. Today, UP partner universities come from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, England, Finland, France, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, South Korea and Spain.

In total, there are more than 50 partner universities in more than 20 countries. Nevertheless, the UP aims to further grow and strengthen this network. In other words: if your university is interested in a partnership with a young and thriving university in the south of Brazil, please get in touch.

Sending and hosting

The UP supports students from all disciplines to go abroad through its own agreements with international partners For students who come to spend a semester or a year at UP, the international affairs team works hard to make them feel at home and to facilitate their integration and adaptation to the Brazilian culture. We organize a welcome week, during which foreign students receive help not only to navigate the Brazilian bureaucracy but also to get to know the university and Curitiba.

International modules

Besides formal exchange programs, the UP offers each year a number of short-term international experiences. Linked to a discipline or program, these modules complement the curriculum with hands-on, practical and international aspects. For example, every year, law students participate in international arbitration conference while MBA students have the possibility to join an international field trip, during which they visit companies and attend lectures from local universities.

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