Master and PhD Programs

The UP offers three PhD and four Master programs:

Master in Biotechnology: the creation of the professional Master in Biotechnology at UP was encouraged by the advancement of biotechnology in Brazil. The master aims to prepare professionals in biotechnology and provide scientific, pedagogic and professional development for recent graduates.

Master and PhD in Business Administration: the Master and PhD Program in Business Administration trains professionals and researchers capable of contributing to the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge in strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, organization and change.

Master and PhD in Dentistry: the UP offers a professional Master in Clinical Dentistry since 2008. In 2014 started the PhD program in Dentistry, which, with its academic track record, is proof of the scientific contributions of the professors of the graduate dentistry program.

Master and PhD in Environmental Management: the Master and PhD Program in Environmental Management offers complementary education to a wide range of professionals, turning them into experts in environmental management by conducting applied research to solve environmental problems. The master program has received the highest possible ranking by CAPES, the Federal Agency Coordinating the Improvement of Higher Education. Both, the master and the PhD program are interdisciplinary and offer students the possibility to achieve a double degree in cooperation with the Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

Research activities

The research activities of Universidade Positivo are closely linked to its Master and PhD programs. All research at UP is applied and guided towards the need of industry and society at large. Research is organized through a number of nationally registered research groups, working on topics such as strategy, innovation, law and society, organizational behavior, distance education, civil liberties and economic rights.

Introduction to scientific work

To awaken and strengthen the interest of students in an academic career, the UP runs a program called “Programa de Iniciação Científica”. Undergraduate students from any area of expertise can participate in the “Introduction to scientific work” projects and apply for scholarships, provided by CNPq – the National Council of Scientific and Technological Development. Managed by the most engaged faculty, the students are guided and supported in their first, truly academic, research activities.

Disseminating knowledge

All of UP Master and PhD programs organize regularly organize seminars, attracting national and international speakers to disseminate knowledge and to contribute to the advancement of the academic debate. Even more, professors from these programs frequently participate in conferences and events organized by local or regional authorities, thus sharing their valuable expertise.