Post-Graduate Programs

To contribute to life-long learning and the perfectioning of professionals, the UP offers a large variety and number of post-graduate programs.

Programs offered

Pós-Flex programs: the programs offer participants the possibility to choose 5 core courses and complement them with 4 modules over a maximum time of 30 months. 11 of these programs are geared towards corporate management and 9 towards engineering. With their flexibility, these programs take into account the specialization needs of professionals, while offering challenging and rewarding content.

Specialist degrees: the programs have the objective to contribute to the professional growth of those taking them. Specialist degrees are very valued by industry and, at the same time, the minimum degree required to teach as a university professor. Their versatility is highly appreciated and the UP offers them in the areas of Architecture, Communication, Design, Law, Education, Engineering, Gastronomy, Environmental Management, Business, Health Sciences and Information Technology.

MBA programs: applying theory in practice is the main characteristic of the UP’s MBA programs. Through innovative and differentiated educational methods, students apply their classroom knowledge to the complex problems of today’s economic, social and political challenges. The MBA programs have the objective to strengthen the fundamental capabilities and skills of students by combining global thinking, practical experience and effective networking.

A few examples

Here below are a few examples of the over 200 post-graduate programs the UP offers:


MBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics
MBA in Service Excellence
MBA in Audit and Advisory Services
International MBA in Strategic Management

Specialist degrees

Digital Media
Bilingual Education
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Solid Waste and Waste Water Management

Pós-Flex programs

Embedded Systems
Renewable Energies
Management of Integrated Marketing
Strategic Project Management

Company partnerships

To build leadership capacities and contribute to an entrepreneurial culture, Universidade Positivo has agreements with a large group of companies for scientific and cultural cooperation. Through these agreements, students have the opportunity to visit companies, participate in specific lectures and even find a job. Furthermore, they serve to develop joint projects and applied research, in a constant exchange of experiences and learning. In turn, all partner companies have the possibility to cooperate with professors and students in search of solutions for their business issues and use the infrastructure of Universidade Positivo to conduct joint activities.