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The Professional Master’s Program in Clinical Dentistry at Universidade Positivo is based on the association between professional skills and abilities. In this way, the program aims to develop projects that propose the implementation of structural changes in the field, through the combination of research and knowledge with social demands. This conception of teaching is centered on quality, and points to the prioritization of the society’s development, using technology for the educational process.
From this perspective, the Professional Master's Program in Clinical Dentistry at Universidade Positivo prioritizes the integration of different areas of knowledge and considers the training of professionals with social responsibility in an integrated clinical practice and in the research for social transformation. According to the recommendations of the National Curricular Guidelines for Undergraduate Dentistry Courses (DCN, Diretrizes Curriculares Nacionais para cursos de Graduação em Odontologia), the profile to be achieved in the dentist's training is that of a professional with technical expertise, health-related knowledge of the social demands, and humanistic and ethical competence to the became an agent to actively transform the social reality.
Therefore, the main objective of the program is to train qualified professionals for clinical practice and for research, in accordance with the new tendencies of the profession. In addition, the graduate student will be a generalist professional with high technical, scientific and critical competence, focused on multidisciplinary training.
In addition, to graduate students who wish to complement their training with teaching practice, the program offers optional courses on College Teaching Methodology and Teaching Internship. Thus, the students will have the opportunity to acquire teaching abilities, according to the National Curricular Guidelines for Undergraduate Dentistry Courses, which recommends the formation of generalist professionals with a strong tendency to the prevention and early diagnosis of oral diseases.
Target audience
The program is intended to dentists, with or without specialization in any area.
Total credits for the degree
75 credits (1125h)