Graduate Program in Environmental Management

  • Duration

    Masters: 12 to 24 months
    Doctorate: 24 to 48 months

  • Class schedules

    Three options: 1) evening classes, once a week for each course, during the term; 2) afternoon classes, once a week for each course, during the term; 3) concentrated, one week per month, Monday to Friday, mornings and afternoons.

  • Investment

    Masters: 30 monthly payments
    Doctorate: 48 monthly payments

    Monthly tuition 2017: R$ 2.108,00 (adjusted annually)

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The Graduate Program in Environmental Management (PGAMB) at Universidade Positivo, Masters and Doctorate, aims to complement the training of a wide range of professionals, transforming them into specialists in the Environment, through conducting applied research to solve environmental problems. In this way, the Masters and PhDs in Environmental Management alumni contribute to the proper use of the planet's natural resources, within a fundamental dynamics for the preservation of species and for maintaining conditions worthy of existence.

The proper management of natural resources is fundamental for the preservation of the species and for maintaining adequate living conditions. The management of the planet, using scientific knowledge, translated into technological advances and environmental analysis tools, constitutes one of the prime occupations for a human being, involving, and transcending, almost every existing profession. The Graduate Program in Environmental Management aims to complement the training of a varied scope of professionals, transforming them in environmental specialists, through research applied to the solution of environmental problems. Thus, the program stands out through its multi-disciplinary character, with research areas comprising all fields of knowledge: Social Sciences (Business Management, Law, Economy,…), Science and Technology (Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, …) and Health and Life Sciences (Biology, Pharmacy, Medicine, …).

The program aims to prepare professionals that are capable of assessing environmental risk and to point out solutions through the use of environmental management models and tools.

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