Dual German-Brazilian Degree

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    Mestrado: de 12 a 24 meses
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The Dual German-Brazilian Master Degree Program in International Material Flow Management offers interesting insights into German environmental technologies and policy approaches, while Germany is one of the most advanced countries in this field.

Students gain the unique opportunity to study the first year at Universidade Positivo in Brazil, followed by the second year at Environmental Campus Birkenfeld in Germany.

During the 2-year study program students will obtain a sound knowledge of the technical aspects of transforming a material-throughput-society into a sustainable Circular Economy. Management and implementation of an innovative and efficient environmental technology system in the fields of energy, waste, water and transportation for private households, industries, and regions constitute the core of the studies.

We aim to educate professionals capable of designing new technology and management strategies as well as communicating the economic, ecological and social aspects to involved stakeholders. Besides the hard-skills in technology management, emphasis is placed on the development of essential intercultural soft-skills such as insights into German and Brazilian business, culture and language.

In the second study year students complete their theoretical knowledge and work hands-on together with industry partners in international projects. Students will experience unique German environmental technologies by visiting several innovative best practice applications. The fourth semester is designed for the completion of the master thesis.

Throughout the program, students will learn to link economic development with environmental protection by using optimal technology management strategies at a global scale. Innovative technology applications in the fields of energy, water, waste or other material streams are connected with the management of stakeholder networks, life cycle planning, innovative financing systems and sustainable development.

They will also become familiar with terms like “circular economy”, “sustainable society” and “zero-emission-regions” as they study examples of Material Flow Management in Europe and Brazil. Students are also tasked with developing projects and eco-entrepreneurial business ideas as a means of collecting relevant, practical experience through close cooperation with small and medium sized enterprises.

In short, the German-Brazilian Dual Master Degree Program offers students

  • Theory and practice of Material Flow Management (MFM) in Europe and Brazil,

  • Better understanding of eco-system management and economic aspects of environmental protection,

  • Systemic understanding of clean technologies and technology management,

  • Knowledge on intercultural communication, networking, project management, financing and fundraising,

  • Business Environment and Business Culture in Europe and Brazil,

  • International Case Studies and Practical Project Experience,

  • Master Thesis about practical issues with professional guidance in companies or research institutes in Europe or Brazil.

Successful students are awarded a comprehensive dual degree from two of the leading universities in the respective fields in Germany and Brazil:

  • Master of Engineering of Trier, Germany, and University of Applied Sciences

  • Master of Sciences in Environmental Management, by Universidade Positivo, Brazil.

The German Master Degree is in full accord with the Bologna process and valid in Europe and beyond. It is therefore internationally accepted and offers the opportunity to apply for Ph.D. study.

The Brazilian Master Degree is recognized by CAPES and also offers the opportunity to apply for Ph.D. study.

The German-Brazilian Dual Master Degree Program is jointly managed by the Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS) and by the Graduate Program in Environmental Management at Universidade Positivo. IfaS is an innovative research institute of Trier University of Applied Sciences and belongs to the leading institutions in this field in Germany. The Graduate Program in Environmental Management at Universidade Positivo offers master’s and doctoral degrees.