Living in Curitiba

  • Duração

    Mestrado: de 12 a 24 meses
    Doutorado: de 24 a 48 meses

  • Horários de aulas

    Modulares, uma semana por mês, de quinta a sábado.

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    Paraná / Curitiba
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    Polo Ecoville
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    • Endereço:

      Av. Tiradentes, 1575
      Jardim Shangri-la A

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    • Telefone:

      (43) 3027 6361

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  • Investimento

    Mestrado: 30 parcelas
    Doutorado: 48 parcelas

    Mensalidade 2019: R$ 2.390,00 (reajustada anualmente)

    Clique aqui para acessar o edital nº 848, que estabelece as mensalidades para os programas de Mestrado e Doutorado.
    Clique aqui e acesse a Portaria nº 222 de 19/12/2016, que estabelece as normas para a concessão de bolsas nos Programas de Pós-Graduação Stricto Sensu.
    Clique aqui e acesse a instrução normativa sobre bolsas PROSUP de incentivo à pesquisa (acesse o termo de solicitação de bolsa).

Students are responsible for their housing arrangements. However, the International Relations Office is available to help students in contacting housing services.

Private Hotels: Among the options available are private hotels or hostels which can be found off-campus with rooms of varying sizes.

Curitiba Eco Hostel
Phone: +55 41 3274-7979

Flat Virmond Residence
Phone (Toll-Free): 0800-6434342

Rent Apartment: Unfurnished and furnished apartments can be rented, normally for a twelve-month period.


All international students are recommended to notify the International Relations Office at Universidade Positivo about travel details (departure and arrival dates and hours, name of the airline, flight number).

When you arrive at Universidade Positivo you should first check in at the International Relations Office.

If you are arriving in Curitiba by air, you will land at Afonso Pena Airport, which is 18 km away from downtown Curitiba. Buses and taxis are available at the airport.

Food and Drinks

There are several cafes and restaurants at the Universidade Positivo, serving a wide variety of fast food. Alcoholic drinks are not available.

Off campus there is a wide variety of restaurants and take-away shops throughout the city at prices to suit every pocket.

Health Services

Exchange students are required to hold a health insurance that covers their health expenses during their studies at Universidade Positivo.


Curitiba is the capital and largest-city of the Brazilian state of Paraná. The city has the largest population, the largest economy in the State and also in southern Brazil. According to the American magazine Reader's Digest, Curitiba is the best place to live in Brazil. The population of Curitiba numbers approximately 1.75 million people (8th largest nationwide) and the latest GDP figures for the city surpass US$30 billion (ranking 4th nationwide) according to IBGE.

Famous for its urban planning and environmental consciousness, the city offers a variety of parks and entertainment options for its visitors.


Mobile phones: It is easy and economical to buy a new SIM card for about R$ 20. Please remember to check if your cell phone is already unlocked.