• Duration

    2 years

  • Schedule of classes

    Monthly (Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 08 am to 10:30 pm)

  • Location

    Available at Ecoville campus
    ZIP CODE: 81280330
    Contact information:, Phone: +55 41 3317-3403

  • Invesment 2017

    30 consecutive monthly installments of R$ 2.108,00 (Reais – Brazilian currency)

The research in the The University Positivo Master’s degree Gradution Program in Industrial Biotechnology aims to develop innovative products and technologies in order to obtain bioactive compounds and biomaterials from renewable and natural resources. Thus, improving and developing methods, processes and equipment for isolation, purification, characterization and experimental evaluation of biomaterials, and bioactive products. In the environmental sciences, it contributes to develop alternative methods and products to recover impacted areas by petroleum industry, as well as for treatment of water and waste. Other applications include cosmeceuticals and pharmaceutical industries, biomedical therapies, food and environmental solution industries. Hence, the specific areas that aim to contribute for innovation in Biotechnology are:

Biotechnology in Agro - Food and Food Processing 

Industrial processes to optimize products, raw material, residual compounds from agriculture industry in Brazil, using approaches in molecular biology, fermentation process, microbial and enzymatic biotransformation.

Environmental Biotechnology

Technological processes for biomonitoring, using biochemical, immunological, molecular and biological methods. Also, processes and products for bioremediation of polluted environments.


Processes used for synthesis of liquid and gaseous biofuels; improvement of raw material; utilization of microorganisms key to biogas and ethanol production; development of innovative systems for ethanol, biodiesel and biogas production; improvement of industrial processes, mass and energy balance; balanced economy; legislation and certification for biotechnology industries. 

Biotechnology in healthcare and biomedical research

Processes and products in the fields of metabolism, biomaterials, neuroscience, clinical, molecular and surgical oncology, diagnostics, molecular analyses and dermocosmetics. Some of the approaches used in the field include molecular biology, cell culture and biochemical analyses.