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Academic and Social Impact

The Professional Master’s Degree in Clinical Dentistry at Positivo University, in tune with external influences and quality, is guided by the association between professional skills and competences and the concept of health in the social context. Thus, the course aims to develop projects that propose the implementation of profound structural changes in the actions of the area, through the compatibilization of research and the transmission of knowledge with social demands. This conception of teaching, which points to the prioritization of the development of society, based on technology and the relations between men for the educational process, consists in the concept of course quality.


The PhD in Dentistry of Positivo University, focused on the area of Dental Clinic, differs from the other courses offered in Curitiba and the region because it is guided by the association between competencies and professional skills. In addition, the course fulfills a fundamental academic task: it proposes to make research compatible and the transmission of knowledge with social demands. Thus, man and social relations as central points of the educational process translate the concept of quality of this course into the multidisciplinary training of professionals.