Research Groups

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Administration, Innovation, and Artificial Intelligence (AiLaBs)
The AiLaBs group (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) is dedicated to researching and developing AI-based solutions for complex problems in various fields, such as healthcare, education, business, and the environment. The group aims to develop innovative algorithms and models for machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, aiming to create technologies that can improve people’s quality of life and drive sustainable development.
AiLaBs also focuses on researching methods to make AI more transparent, ethical, and responsible, ensuring that its benefits are widely shared and its risks minimized. The group seeks to collaborate with other research institutions, companies, and governmental organizations to promote the advancement of AI and its application for the benefit of society. The group is led by Prof. Dr. Luiz Pereira Pinheiro Junior. More information about the group’s research and impact can be found at


Innovation, Strategy, and Sustainability
The Innovation, Strategy, and Sustainability Research Group is dedicated to investigating crucial topics for sustainable development, such as eco-innovation, startups, circular economy, new business models, and their strategies.
With a multidisciplinary team of researchers and students, GIES seeks to generate relevant and impactful knowledge for society, contributing to the construction of a more sustainable and innovative future. The group maintains collaborations with other research institutions and companies, aiming for the practical application of its findings and the development of innovative solutions for sustainability challenges. The group is led by Prof. Dr. Danielle Denes dos Santos and Prof. Dr. Marcello Romani-Dias.


Organizations, Language, and Social Change (OL&MS)
The OL&MS group seeks to bridge the gap between academic knowledge in Organizational Studies and practice in companies, public organizations, and civil society, promoting the intervention and improvement of their practices and procedures. Additionally, the group is dedicated to the methodological development of disciplines that address language, discourse, and social transformation, aiming to refine scientific knowledge in this area.
The group’s activities include disseminating research and products developed internally, both to the academic community and the general public, using various communication channels, such as conferences, academic journals, social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), lectures, radio, and workshops.
To learn more about the OL&MS group and its activities, visit The group leaders are Professors Dr. Fábio Vizeu Ferreira and Luiz Gustavo Alves de Lara.


Organizations, Strategy, and Institutions
The research group is dedicated to studying organizations, investigating the relationship between agency, structure, and interpretation. Organizations are understood as agents whose actions reflect different ways of interpreting organizational reality. The research is based on the assumption that organizational strategies and practices are influenced by social structure, in contrast to atomistic and contingency views.
The group’s predominant approach is institutionalism, and the object of study encompasses private, public, and non-governmental organizations. The research methodology is diverse, seeking convergence between quantitative and qualitative procedures. The research results, both in publications and in the training of individuals, have contributed to understanding organizations at different levels of analysis, from interorganizational relationships to organizational fields, and how these levels connect with broader social aspects. The group leaders are Prof. Dr. Samir Adamoglu de Oliveira and Prof. Dr. Caroline Coradassi.