Research Lines

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The Graduate Program in Administration (PPGA) at Universidade Positivo has a concentration area called “Organizations, Management, and Society” and works in two research lines, namely:

Innovation, Sustainability, and Strategy

This research line focuses on the relationship between innovation, strategy, and sustainability, exploring how innovation can be used to promote sustainable development in different contexts. Research topics include innovation systems, innovative business models, digital management, information technologies, artificial intelligence, innovation for sustainability, sustainable organizations, and governance for sustainability. Additionally, the line investigates the relationships between innovation and strategy, seeking to understand how companies can create value and competitive advantage through innovation.

Organizational Studies

This research line is dedicated to an in-depth study of organizational reality and its interactions with society. From an interdisciplinary perspective, the line investigates different forms of management, considering the social, cultural, and historical processes that influence the organizational context. Research topics include organizational behavior, communication in organizations, organizational culture, power relations, organizational identity, and organizational learning. Thus, the line seeks to critically understand the complexities of organizations, building knowledge for interventions in the relationship between organizations, individuals, and society.