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Nível: Mestrado e Doutorado

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Level: Master’s Doctorate  

The Business Post-Graduate Programme (Programa de Pós-Graduação em Administração – PPGA) contemplates the stricto sensu courses (master’s doctorate) of the Universidade Positivo (UP) in BusinessManagement.

The main objective is the high-level development of research teaching, focusing on the practice knowledge consolidation of its fields of concentration – “Organizations, Management, Society”

Master’s in Business 

The Master’s in Business of the Universidade Positivo responds to the paranaense’s Brazilian’s societies needs regarding the challenges in the organizational analysis area, in strategy innovation in organizations, understood as closely articulated. Because of that, the course searches for graduating qualified master’s students for the development of management activities, research,teaching,a scientific solid formation able to expand analytical reflexive capability, both to the corporatethe academic world.

Doctorate in Business

The Doctorate in Business of the Universidade Positivo is recommended for professionals that already have some experience in research management activities. The pedagogical proposal is distinguished as it focusses on the researcher’s self-development, expanding its research capability scientific knowledge productions of high impactvalue, as well as, to provide immediate application into managerial practiceconsultancy. Holding a wide theoretical methodological foundation, the Doctorate in Business of UP follows the current trends of integrating the diverse knowledge disciplines, as a national reference not only for the creation but also for the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Fields of concentration: “Organizations, Management, Society” 

Target: The Master’s in Business of the Universidade Positivo is focused on the higher institutions’ educators professionals already graduated, in businessnot, who are interested in deep-thinking into technology do management research. The Doctorate in Business is destinated to the graduates masters in business co-related fields who are interested in strengthened academic formation high level researchteaching.

Research line: Organizations Changes 

This research line searches to expand studies analytical models about the organizational reality, as the main reference object the theoretical-empirical of organizations such as private, publicthird sector. Historically, this field of study is highlighted by a theoretical robust foundation, particularly constituted by the fields of social sciences philosophy. It has as the management emphasis in the interintra-organizational dimensions, by considering such activitythe social processes that orientates the organizational context, in terms of the micro, meso, macro social levels. For that, it searches for the conceptual methodological improvement, specially into the qualitative analysis of managementorganizations. The following themesinvestigations objects are highlighted: Subjectivity Organizations; Organizations Social Institutions; Culture; Symbolic Context of Organizations; Power Relations; Organizational Knowledge.

A relevant aspect of this “Organizations Changes” concerns to the local impact of its research extension activities. Therefore, its members promote activities regarding the local players engagement, specifically, those of scarce resources in order to act autonomousemancipatory.

Research line: Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship  

This research line incorporates value creationintegration themes between strategyinnovation to the sustainable development for contributing for organizations, management,society such as organizational, processual,competitive strategy. Among the core approaches, it can be highlighted the scenarios’ process analysisgovernancestructure practices. Moreover, it proposesinvestigates business opportunities, drivers,obstacles that involve performance, competition, social impact,internationalization, inter alia. Studies in innovation concern the following themes: innovation systems, innovation for sustainability, eco innovation, socio-technical transition, technological transference, technological information, information technology, researchdevelopment, open innovation, innovation business models, ambidextrous organizations, intra-entrepreneurship, start-up technological entrepreneurship in forthcoming sectors, among others.


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    Eduardo André Teixeira Ayrosa

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    Danielle Denes dos Santos / Luiz Gustavo Alves de Lara

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